The best deals at the best restaurants

Dough negotiates discounts with the most popular restaurants in Berkeley to get discounted meals for students. Over 1000 students and parents have been using Dough since we launched in 2017.

Parents credit their student with Dough points, which they can use to buy meals.


Parents can be assured

Your student is getting the best deals on their favorite restaurant meals

The points you buy for your student can only be spent at bay area restaurants

Students use Dough to find times to eat with their friends


Dough Beats Every Alternative Meal Plan

Cal Dining Hall food is what your student had to eat every day freshman year. They offer mass-produced food with limited options and hours of operation. Meals cost $10.20 per swipe for non-freshman and points don't roll over, which is why many students lose money. Unfortunately, Cal 1 Debit isn't much better with their limited restaurant options and lack of discounts. 


How Dough Works


  1. Have your student download Dough and make an account
  2. Have your student send you their custom parents link
  3. Follow the link to buy them Dough

*Dough is free to use


  1. Download Dough and make an account
  2. Send your parent the custom link that’s emailed to you
  3. Have your parent credit you with Dough