Remember the clipboard?


About 10 years ago, fraternities at Cal started using clipboards to get food at local restaurants. Members would sign a clipboard to get their food, and their house would pay for all the meals at the end of the week. Restaurants offered discounts on their food in return for fraternities providing a lot of hungry loyal customers.

Dough is the same great concept, but way better.



More Options

We have I-House and 10 other restaurants and counting. We are partnered with Berkeley's best establishments, including all the places that were previously on the old clipboard system.

Better Savings

Dough saves you more than the old clipboard
1) Brothers using a clipboard might be buying meals that cost less than what the house pays per signature
2) Dough has significantly better discounts
3) No one can steal your meals by singing off on your name

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Quick & Simple

You don't need to tell the cashier which frat you're in, wait for them to understand what you mean, and watch as they find the right sheet for your house before you can order your food.
With Dough, just scan the QR code at the register and enjoy your meal.


Pledges love it

Need a friend to pick you up some food? You can send them Dough in seconds; just type their name and select the amount you want to transfer.

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Treasurer's work is done

No need to negotiate deals, print out excel sheets, or add up the meals purchased and write checks to each restaurant every week. Just give your members Dough and you're done.

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Strength In Numbers

Restaurants offered discounts to frats because they provided a high volume of customers. By aggregating frats on Dough, we can get better discounts and partner with more restaurants than one frat could possibly negotiate by themselves.

Get your house on board in minutes

  1. Create a group in Dough

  2. Add members or send out invite link

  3. Add Dough to everyone's account OR have members get Dough individually


To learn how Dough is used at restaurants, click here.