The new meal plan for college athletes

Your team has purchasing power, your athletes should be getting discounts on restaurant meals. Dough is a platform that allows group managers to credit athletes with points to use on discounted and NCAA compliant meals at their favorite restaurants at no cost to you.


How It Works


1. GRoup managers Credit Athletes with Dough Points

After your athletes make an account, you will have the ability to credit their Dough accounts with points to be used at local restaurants. These points can be renewed at any frequency you want. For example, you could give each player $10 that renews to $10 at the end of each day.

The group manager has a dashboard on their phone and computer where can can manage members, payments, and monitor usage of Dough points. 

2. Athletes buy meals with a simple scan of a QR code

Users simply need to select their restaurant, choose their meal, and scan a QR code posted at the restaurants register to pay. Transactions with Dough are faster than any other system, with checkout taking 2 seconds.


3. Group Managers receive detailed receipts and nutrition reports

At the end of the week, group managers receive nutrition reports from Dough on meals purchased by athletes, a tool that is largely helpful for athletic trainers. 


Additional Tools

Training Table Check in 

Athletes can check into their Training Table using Dough

Fuel Station Inventory Management

Athletic trainers and dietitians can keep inventory of fuel station items when checkout is managed through Dough




Save Money

Participating restaurants discount menu items on Dough, so you'll always be saving by using our platform

NCAA Compliant

All menu items on Dough are NCAA compliant



Group manager dashboards allow you to track payments, receipts, and usage data from members


Cart Purchases

Bundle menu items together and checkout your entire cart to save time


24/7 Support

Users can call 920-368-4469 at any time for Dough customer support, who can help with any issue


Nutrition Reports

Athletic trainers receive a detailed nutrition report with all macro and micro nutrients of meals purchased


Faster Checkout

Checkout takes 2 seconds, saving time for everyone, many cashiers prefer Dough to anything else


Restaurant Satisfaction

One restaurant said "we weren't profitable until we started using Dough"


Dough on your campus


If you're interested in using dough, email us or use the form below. Here's how it works:

1. We send a survey to your athletes asking them their favorite restaurants on campus

2. We negotiate discounts with those restaurants

3. Athletes create accounts on Dough using a custom link that will add them to your group

4. The group manager credits athletes with meals through their dashboard

5. Athletes use the credit to eat at their favorite restaurants


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