Dough Meal Plan

By purchasing meals in bulk, restaurants have fewer transaction fees and more customers, which means they can charge less and offer more.

Each Dough point is worth $1, redeemable at any of our partner restaurants where you'll always be saving money. You can also send Dough to other users.


Dough for Groups

Dough allows you to buy meals for your groups. Simply enter the email addresses of your members and select how many meals you want to buy for the group. You can do this at any interval (weekly, monthly, etc.) and can always adjust the number of meals you want to buy. If you're interested in using Dough for your group, please contact us.



Our Restaurants

Julie's Cafe, Caffe Tivoli, KoJa Kitchen, IB's, La Burrita, Urbann Turbann, and D'Yar as well as International House Dining hall.

If there's a restaurant you want to see on Dough, let us know here.