The new meal plan for groups

Your group has purchasing power, your members should be getting discounts on restaurant meals. Dough is a platform that allows student groups to eat at Berkeley's best restaurants at a discount, saving 15-20% on every meal.

Student organizations, clubs, academic departments, and fraternities at Cal have switched over to Dough to feed their groups.


How it works


1. Your members get dough points

Members can add a card to pay for their discounted meals. Your members also have the option to venmo for Dough points.

If your group has a budget for meals, the group manager can credit everyone's Dough accounts with points to be used at local restaurants. 

Parents can also buy their students meal points by using the custom link sent to you when you sign up.

2. Members buy meals with a simple scan of a QR code

Your group members simply need to scan a QR code posted at the restaurants register to pay. Your members will be saving 15-20% off every time they use Dough.

On top of this, they will earn rewards to redeem free coffee, boba, and snacks at Berkeley's best restaurants.



3. Your group finds time to eat together 

Dough's in-app scheduling tool allows your members to make plans, where they select a restaurant and a time they're free. Anyone in your group can make or join plans. This way, your group members can find times to eat together.



Save Money

Participating restaurants discount menu items on Dough, so you'll always be saving by using our platform


UC Compliant

Dough is a certified vendor to UC Berkeley's BearBuy system


24/7 Support

Users can call 920-368-4469 at any time for Dough customer support


Nutrition Reports

Users can access a nutrition report with all macro and micro nutrients of meals purchased 

Dough for your group

Here's how it works:

  1. Create a group in Dough

  2. Add members or send out invite link

  3. Add Dough to everyone's account OR have members get Dough individually

After that, you can earn rewards with each other and find time to eat with your friends!