Dough Restaurants

Dough partners with groups on campus who buy meals for their members. Use Dough to get athletes, fraternities, and student organizations into your restaurant

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Enjoy a higher volume of customers

Dough restaurants get exclusive access to groups on campus with money for meals. We market to student groups, athletic teams, greek life, and faculty departments.


No tech needed

All you need is a sticker (which we will give you) to accept Dough at your restaurant. You can track analytics and view dashboards from your phone or computer.


Faster Transactions

Dough allows users to pay for meals in 1-2 seconds, faster than cash or credit cards— allowing you to clear your line faster


useful analytics

Dough sends you weekly analytics that can help with staffing and meal prep decisions


No Credit Card Transaction Fee

Dough eliminates credit card transaction fees for restaurants. Instead, we charge a 5% fee on each purchase



Dough supports pick-up catering for groups with large orders



To learn more, view this document or contact us.